CFSP Renewals Mailed November 15

Academy members who have earned their CFSP designation should have already received their annual renewal and official certified transcripts.  CFSP renewals are due on January 1, so please take care of your payment before January 31, 2014 to avoid the late fee. 

You can use the on-line Activity Reporting by logging in to report any additional activities or fax an Activity Report to (614) 899-6206 before December 9 and (770) 646-9490 after December 9.  This will help expedite the renewal process. Please note the new mailing address of PO Box 1160, Buchanan, GA 30113-1160 for your mailed renewals. 

In past years, the Connecticut Funeral Directors Association has covered Academy dues as a member benefit. They have let us know they will not be offering that in the future, so annual renewal statements were mailed to all Connecticut members.

Lifetime members will receive their membership cards in mid-December.

Members who participate through the Funeral Service Association of Canada will receive membership cards before January 1.

If you are not yet certified, your dues renewal is due on your anniversary date.  If your Academy ID number is 08-05-2389, the middle digits indicate the month you joined us, which is May in this example.  We always mail non-CFSP dues renewals 30 days prior to your due date.